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Please make sure to attentively read through all the information below

Apps are published by our developers on weekdays from Monday to Friday. If your App fully complies with all the guidelines of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the App approval process takes between three to four days for an App to be available on the mentioned App Stores, due to the App Store review process. 


Important notice: Before our team can publish Apps on the App Stores, you will need to ensure that all the required information, app icons, keywords, and descriptions are provided in full for our team to proceed with publishing your Apps on the App Stores, please ensure that all information is complete, otherwise your App will be rejected during Apple and Google's review of your App.


Apple also requires you to be the business owner with proof if you build an App for a business or an App that represents a business (If your App does not represent a physical business, you can ignore this part and proceed to the steps below.)


Once your Applications have been successfully published on the App Stores you will receive an email from us containing the corresponding links to your Apps.




Required steps for publishing an App:



If you have not already enrolled in the Apple Developer Program for an Apple Developer Account, please enroll on their website here:
(This step is mandatory to be able to publish Apps on the Apple App Store)


Due to Apple's two factor authentication, you will need to coordinate a time with one of our developers to sign in to the developer account and create the provisioning profiles and distribution certificates for the App to allow our team access to submit the App for review to the Apple App Store through App Store Connect under your own Developer Account or your client's Developer Account.


You can schedule a time slot on the calendar for a live chat with one of our support developers on our website at: for our team to proceed with accessing your Apple Developer Account or your client's Developer Account to initiate the submission process of an App. The live chat session is necessary for this instance as both you and the support developer will need to be online at the same time, because once our team signs into the Apple Developer Account, Apple will request a two-factor authentication code, which you or your client will need to provide to our dedicated developer in real-time to allow them access to proceed with the submission process. Or if prefer not to schedule the live chat submission service, you can invite our team manually to access your Apple Developer Account (This step is only applicable to users who have enrolled as an organization on the Apple Developer Program):

  • In your developer account, click People, then click Manage Users.

    You’ll be taken to Users and Access.

  • Click the Add button (+).

  • In the dialog that appears, enter our user’s first name: App, last name: Builder, and email address:

  • Under Roles, select the role of Admin

  • Click Invite.




If you have not already enrolled on the Google Play Developer Console for a Google Play Developer Account, please enroll on their website here:
(This step is mandatory to be able to publish Apps on the Google Play Store)



To add us to your project on the Google Play Developers Console:

  1. Sign in to your Google Developers Console.

  2. On the left menu, click Permissions.

  3. Near the top of your screen, click Add Member.

  4. Type the email address

  5. Choose full permission level.

  6. Click Add.


After our development team has received an invitation to access your Google Play Developer Account Console, they will be able to proceed with the submission of your Android App.



You can also access all feature documentation and video instructions of the App Builder from here:



Please also register your priority account: to gain access to our submission services. You can also schedule live chat sessions with our team in advance if you require any live chat assistance:



Please let us know should you require any additional assistance:

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